Our core focus and areas of key concern remain
education, healthcare and economic well- being of
students, graduates, widows, orphans and general
members of the Ummah .

The following programs are scheduled for
implementation in the medium term.
Ÿ Effective financial assistance to students
Ÿ Higher Institution Students’ Career Guidance and
Development Programs
Ÿ Leadership Courses
Ÿ Economic Empowerment Workshops
Ÿ Human Rehabilitation Program – targeted at the
vulnerable, e.g. orphans, motherless children, etc.
Ÿ Capital Projects: – Construction of the Fund’s
Headquarters Research and Publication of Journals
Ÿ Seminars and Workshops on Contemporary Issues
in the perspective of Islam, especially, in the areas
of Education, Economic and Social Welfare
Ÿ Collaboration with national and international
organizations with Mission and Objectives similar
to those of the Fund.