Fund operates through the following organs:

  •  Board of Trustees
  • Executive Management Committee
  • Standing Working Committee – Education, Social & Welfare Economic
  • Executive Secretary of the Fund
  • Annual General Assembly of Subscribers and Donors.

The Board of Trustees, composed of eight members, including a chairman, meets twice a year, to consider the Fund’s annual plans of programs and projects, and the support administrative activities; deliberate on the operational reports and offer advices to the management for improved performance. Where required, policies are reviewed and re-formulated as an element of good governance posture of the Fund.

The next level after the Board of Trustees is the Executive Management Committee (EMC), constituted by the founding Amirs and Amirahs, all current Amirs, Amirahs and Social Welfare Officers of the membernd organizations. The Committee meets 2 Saturday of each calendar month to consider operational reports and grant requests.

The third level of management is the Committees, namely, Education, Welfare and Zakah committees, comprising of EMC members and representatives of member-organisations. They implement the Fund’s planned programs and projects and approve grants for qualified requests.

There is a Coordinator, who is the chief executive officer of Fund, and the chairman of the EMC, whom the Executive Secretary reports on the day-to-day activities of the Secretariat.

General Assembly meets annually, to receive, consider, and if  satisfied, approves the Annual Report and Accounts of the Fund. It reviews the Mission, Vision and Key Corporate Policies, and passes a RESOLUTION for changes that may be required.